Media Player for the Infotainment System

As the industry of electronic components for Automotive grows and goes through a massive innovation process, the strive for finding the right expertise to manage the related projects and cover the key roles to successfully deliver competitive products, gets more intense.

One of the global market leaders and a Tier1 in automotive was seeking out a reliable partner who could boost their delivery timelines which were in a rather dire delay, allow for a more granular description of requirements, improve the overall technical debt KPIs and navigate through the murky waters of transitioning from VCycle to Agile-ish practices.

The projects they were committed to, involved all kinds of embedded software developments for the Automotive industry, including Driver Assistant Systems, Radio, navigation and multimedia, Electronic Brake Systems and SW Development Projects for body controllers.

SENTICLE delivered technical and organizational expertise in the key areas which were schedule-challenged such as Hands-free systems that connect to Bluetooth devices via voice recognition, a central touch-screen console for multimedia, navigation and internet connectivity, portable navigation systems, cell phones and music players to be used in the vehicle as if they were installed in the factory.

On-route Driver Assistance

A major European car manufacturer saw an imperative opportunity in integrating a set of web-based helpdesk applications into their dashboards for 17 EMEA countries. This was allowing them to receive valuable information about their customers’ issues in order to address the best solutions, benefit from constant feedback and deliver outstanding service in driving experience to all those high loyalty customers in their portfolio which were gained throughout decades of pure engineering virtue.

SENTICLE was at the very heart of this high loyalty program, with the assigned role of enhancing customer’s experience and giving them a sense of belonging to a global community.

The program itself was a journey of engineering meeting tradition, and SENTICLE readily answered by setting up a team of consultants, who designed and implemented all the necessary operational processes based on the requirements of all parties involved in the project.

The customer support was handled by a dedicated team of helpdesk specialists, that was capable to provide service in all the required languages. Moreover, SENTICLE was chosen to take over any further necessary software, hardware, and integration providing services that could include technical and solution design and documentation skills.

The project was extended, as the Automotive group assigned SENTICLE to include the same type of Contact Center services for a similar suite of applications, embedded for yet another brand in its portfolio.

Digital Instrument Cluster Development

At SENTICLE , , we believe that progress in the Automotive industry means flexibility for product modification, re-usage of software, costs optimization and development acceleration and maintenance.

That is why our engineers and developers are prepared to implement embedded solutions in C/C++ according to AUTOSAR architecture standards for Digital Instrument Cluster tools such as:

  • Navigation and Odometer, Ambient Temperature, Board Computers
  • Speedometer Revolution, Oil, Fuel and Current Consumption Algorithms and Indication
  • Gear display
  • Acoustics and Personalization
  • Multi Language Support
  • Driver Assistance

Development and innovation are now, more than ever, revolutionizing the concept of what a car is, and we are proud to contribute by playing a role in the creation of new cockpit environments, where the unity of travel, entertainment, and production constitutes the core of the driver’s experience.