About Us

SENTICLE is a Romanian company headquartered in Timisoara, whose expertise is focused on the instrument cluster, automotive-grade multimedia, driver-assistance and connectivity solutions for the next generation of vehicles.

Designed and optimized to fulfill the high standard requirements of the automotive industry, SENTICLE solutions can be seamlessly integrated into the entry, mid and high automotive in-vehicle infotainment head and rear seat units. Further on, automotive widgets enable powerful new use cases.

Due to its background in design, architecture and vehicle industry servicing among our founding team members, SENTICLE sees the changing workloads of the computer-on-wheels era mandate fresh solutions in the transportation sector. These emerging solutions do not carry the baggage of existing legacy architectures and thus enhance the experience of enthusiastic leisure drivers and passengers alike.


SENTICLE’s greatest asset is its portfolio of embedded software developments for the Automotive industry, including Instrument Cluster and HMI, Driver Assistant Systems, Infotainment platforms (radio, navigation and multimedia), ECU, BCM, Electronic Brake Systems, and drivers for any sensor. These assignments are carried to completion by dedicated teams composed of experienced engineers.

Seniors engineers from our teams played prominent roles in projects for major Tech and Automotive giants from the entire spectrum, starting with global OEMs, chips and semiconductors manufacturers, parallel computing market leaders, Tier 1 and 2 for Automotive, supply chain innovators and research institutes.

Our company currently holds engineering sites in Timisoara, Bucharest, Sofia and Kiev, plus other global partnerships.