We help build the future that the automotive industry deserves.

Instrument Cluster. Driver Assistance. Infotainment. Touch Display Implementation, Testing & Calibration. Embedded Apps. Hardware Integration.


SENTICLE will transform your requirements documentation or into robust functionalities, take your innovative designs traight to the ready for production phase and assist with everything along the way.

We will make your requirements reality.

Involve us to boost your story because we make good use of embedded software development, software integration, OS porting and Hardware Platforms, Test Systems, Environment / QA / Test Automation, Real-Time Operating Systems (RTOS) development, C++ / C / AnsiC / Scripting languages, GPU Architectures, Vision / Radar Processing Algorithms, microcontroller bring up.


SENTICLE's expertise with embedded software development, research, project coordination, efect resolution, components integration and testing enables our partners to focus on achieving their strategic goals as growing organizations.

We integrate components of various specializations and horizontal practices (Infotainment, ADAS, Instrument Clusters, Diagnostics, elematics & Connectivity, Steering Systems, HMI, Functional Safety, System on Chip, Security, Electric Vehicle V2G, Autonomous, Vision etc.).


About Us

SENTICLE is a Romanian company headquartered in Timisoara, whose expertise is focused on the instrument cluster, automotive-grade multimedia, driver-assistance and connectivity solutions for the next generation of vehicles.

Designed and optimized to fulfill the high standard requirements of the automotive industry, SENTICLE solutions can be seamlessly integrated into the entry, mid and high automotive in-vehicle infotainment head and rear seat units. Further on, automotive widgets enable powerful new use cases.

Due to its background in design, architecture and vehicle industry servicing among our founding team members, SENTICLE sees the changing workloads of the computer-on-wheels era mandate fresh solutions in the transportation sector. These emerging solutions do not carry the baggage of existing legacy architectures and thus enhance the experience of enthusiastic leisure drivers and passengers alike.

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